Inground Trampolines

Trampoline Myths Debunked

If your children have been asking for their own trampoline, this is the summer you should say, "yes!" A trampoline is a staple of fun in gymnasiums nd backyards across the country, and in-ground trampolines make owning a trampoline even safer. Still not sure whether a trampoline is right for you? Here are a few myths you've probably heard about trampolines that we want to debunk for you.
  1. Trampolines are just for kids. Not true! An in-ground trampoline is a great place for the entire family to have fun and get in shape. A trampoline is a great piece of fitness equipment that can help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and your core and increase your stamina. Also, jumping on a trampoline will not put any stress or strain on your joints like jogging or running would.
  2. Trampolines are round. While a round trampoline is popular, so too, are rectangle models. The style trampoline you get is based on the area where you want to have it placed in your yard and on personal preference.
  3. All trampolines are the same. This is so not true, especially as it relates to an in-ground trampoline. If you see trampolines in the yards of friends and neighbors and they are on "stilts" you can tell they are definitely different than the much safer in-ground models. A trampoline, depending on size and style can be priced anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. When you're investing in an in-ground trampoline you want to make certain you're getting one that is of high quality and that it is the size and shape that best suits your family.

If you're considering an in-ground trampoline this year, check out our in-ground trampoline FAQs before you make any decisions.
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