Inground Trampolines


Trampoline Safety Jumping Tips

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the closest ways you can get to flying! (Well, without being in an airplane, of course!)

Trampolines, especially in-ground trampolines, are growing in popularity. Why?

  1. They are a relatively inexpensive method of getting in shape in your own backyard.
  2. Children love them.
  3. Jumping on a trampoline is also a way to exercise without worry about hurting your hips, knees or other body parts!

Trampoline Safety Jumping Tips

If you’re going to join the growing legions of families who have an in-ground trampoline, here are some safety measures you should have in place and that you should enforce and your children need to be fully aware of!

  1. All jumping must be supervised
  2. No somersaults unless you have a trained professional on site
  3. Remove all jewelry, earrings and other items that could get caught on the trampoline
  4. No shoes on the trampoline — you can wear special trampoline footwear or socks
  5. Only one person should jump at a time (this may be a rule that can have a caveat — if a toddler or young child wants to jump, an adult can stand with him and hold his hands while he jumps. Some children, though will be happy jumping and tumbling on their own while mom and dad just watch.)

What are some of the main causes of injury when on a trampoline? Here are a few: 

  1. Jumping into another person
  2. Landing in a way that causes injury
  3. Falling off the trampoline (this isn’t an issue with an in-ground trampoline

How can you make certain your in-ground trampoline is as safe as it can be? 

  1. Make sure the springs are covered
  2. Make certain the in-ground trampoline is clean and free of debris
  3. Make certain the in-ground trampoline is not near any trees or swingsets

Adults should always be present to supervise the activity on an in-ground trampoline. Just as you wouldn’t leave your children alone in a swimming pool, neither should you leave them on a trampoline.

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