Different Types Of Trampolines

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At In-Ground Trampolines, our trampolines are “safer by design” and we take that motto to heart. Even though we sell in-ground and some above ground trampolines, we know there are different types of trampolines that you can purchase or that you could be introduced to while on a vacation.

Here are a few of the other types of trampolines you may have heard of seen. They each have unique features.

Different Types Of Trampolines

  •  Competitive These trampolines are the sturdiest and the most resilient of them all. These are used by sports athletes, are very light, typically are constructed with steel frames and have more than 100 steel springs. These trampolines usually allow the rebounder to jump higher than on a traditional backyard trampoline. The reason for the “higher jump” is because those who use the competitive trampolines are executing tricks like back flips and others.
  • Recreational trampolines — those are what you typically find in your backyard. These trampolines have fewer springs and don’t have as much bounce. They are used in fitness centers and schools and are what a parent would buy for his child.
  • Mini trampolines — are what they sound like — small trampolines that are built to be used by only one person at a time and are used for cardiovascular workouts. They are ideal for individuals who want to work out, but have knee or joint pain. They are ideal for indoor use and do not have a high bounce.
  • A water trampoline is constructed with an inflatable tube and floats on the water. A water trampoline lets you jump and work out and if you “fall off the side” you will fall into a body of water.

What you will typically use for your personal use and for your family will be the recreational trampolines and that is what we offer our customers.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.


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