Eight Trampoline Safety Tips

Eight Trampoline Safety Tips

As sellers of high-quality in-ground and above-ground trampolines, we take great pride and satisfaction in knowing we are sharing safety tips and advice for any and all who buy one of our trampolines. We put together eight trampoline safety tips – some may be familiar – but we have people buying trampolines for the 2021 jumping season and a refresher is always great!

Whether you’re new to trampoline ownership or are old-hats or are switching from an in-ground trampoline to an above ground or vice versa read on for these tips. We know that trampoline accidents happen. We also know that if proper care is taken, these accidents and incidents can be avoided.

Eight Trampoline Safety Tips

Here are tips to read, print out and keep by your trampoline at all times!

  1. Only one person can use the trampoline at a time. The only – and we don’t recommend it – time is if the two people on it are of approximately the same weight. In fact, toddlers, who don’t get airborne are likely the safest twosome to be on at the same time.
  2. No flips or in air somersaults are allowed. If someone wants to do that then they need to do that at a facility with a trainer who can work with them – not at home.
  3. Safety equipment matters. Make sure you have invested in all the safety equipment you have the budget for. Use shock absorbing pads to completely cover the frame, hooks and springs. Use a safety net or enclosure. Don’t let anyone jump up and hang onto the enclosure.
  4. Keep the trampoline away from any overhead hazards. You may be trying to decide where in your yard to place the trampoline but you will want to look up as well as down. Keep it away from roof overhangs and tree branches.
  5. Make waiting fun. If you have a party and you know everyone will want to use the trampoline, enforce the one person at a time rule and make waiting fun. Set up craft tables or gather a lot of other fun outdoor toys or set up a small wading pool. Set a timer so everyone gets a turn.
  6. Never let anyone jump without adult supervision.
  7. Mini trampolines are hazardous, especially those with the handlebar accessory. Some people will jump too high and use the bar to compensate and can fall forward.
  8. Do your homework. Work with, and buy from, a trampoline seller who has a high reputation for quality materials. You may also need to ask your insurance agent whether a trampoline could impact your coverage.

Look for a reputable dealer for your trampoline — no matter the style. Talk with them and look at their online reviews. Talk with him or her and ask questions about the buying process based on your unique needs.

Call us if you have any questions about trampolines — inground or above ground — give us a call! We can answer any other questions you have about a trampoline purchase — inground or above ground.

If you’re thinking about getting an above ground or an inground trampoline this year, give us a call. Let’s talk about the best trampoline for you, your family and your budget.


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