Five Healthy Autumn Activities

It’s easy to “take the day off” when it comes to exercising in the heat and humidity of a summer day, right? Even if you have an inground or above ground trampoline you may not want to go out doors and exercise. We have five healthy autumn activities you can do because now the weather is more amenable to a workout.Inground and above ground trampoline owners can turn their thoughts back to trampoline workouts because they know that a trampoline workout is not hard on the bones and joints and that they can jump to their heart’s content and get healthy while doing it!

Five Healthy Autumn Activities

  1. Embrace the cooler weather. The mornings are cooler as are the early afternoons. Plan a walk with a friend or family member of the family dog during these cooler times. Bundle up if you need to — dress in layers so you can shed a few if you get too warm. Walking, riding a bike and jumping on your trampoline in the beauty of a crisp fall afternoon is quite a treat.
  2.  If you’ve been spending a lot of time out doors this summer, but not exercising you can move get started slowly indoors on your autumn workout. Don’t just sit and watch television on a cool, rainy autumn day — get up and move when the commercials come on. Do some jumping jacks, some knee bends or go outdoors and jump on the trampoline until your show comes back on!
  3. It’s sometimes difficult to get back to a workout routine, especially when you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon as it were. Start out slow — jump on the trampoline just a few minutes a day a few times a day. Work back up to a fuller, longer workout. You need to make working out a part of your day — work it into your daily routine and make it nonnegotiable.
  4. Give yourself thirty days to get back into your trampoline workout. It takes that long to integrate exercise back into your lifestyle. It also takes that long to start, or stop, a bad habit. Don’t give up.
  5. Remember how great you feel once you’ve exercised for a while. After you’ve gotten off the trampoline, don’t you feel a bit better about yourself? Don’t you feel happy that you have taken that time for yourself and done something you love?

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