How To Start Your Trampoline Workout

Congratulations you just invested in your first inground or above ground trampoline! Now how to start your trampoline workout? Do you just get on and start jumping? Is there prep work you need to do? Yes, and maybe are the answers to those questions.

Rebounding on an inground or an above ground trampoline is both an effective and a fun workout and it can be as simple as jumping. If you want a more fruitful workout, though you may want to be more thoughtful in how you’re working out to make the most of it.

Consider that rebounding is a more effective, and less jarring on your bones and joints workout and you can see why trampolines are becoming the go-to piece of workout equipment.

How To Start Your Trampoline Workout

A regular routine of jumping on your trampoline will:

  1. Help burn calories
  2. Strengthen your muscles and joints
  3. Improve your cardiovascular system
  4. Remove toxins from your body and your lymph nodes

If you’re looking for a primer on your first trampoline workout, here are is something to get you on your way.

  1. Bounce gently. Keeping both feet on the trampoline. At this point it’s not even about getting your feet off the mat.
  2. Once you’ve done some gentle bouncing and balancing, bounce higher until your feet are just off the mat.
  3. Do this for about five minutes as a warm up or as a cardiovascular workout
  4.  Now stand in the center of the mat and jog in place. Lift your arms and knees high as you jog. Stay centered in the trampoline so you don’t get injured. Lift your legs higher when you get more comfortable with bouncing and balancing
  5. Jump in place and alternate jumping with jumping jacks. It may be difficult, at first, to coordinate the jumping jack leg and arm movement on the trampoline.
  6. Do some jumping knee lifts. Jump with both feet together, then lift one knee. Pretend you’re marching. Jump. Alternate knee lift.
  7. Vary the intensity of the workout by jumping and twisting your hips.
  8. Another variation is to jump and bring both knees up together, as high as you can while you’re bouncing.
  9. Once you’re comfortable with your workout, consider adding hand weights to increase your arm strength.

When you’re getting a workout on a trampoline, it’s more about the actual act of moving than it is with the specific actions you take!

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