In-Ground Trampoline Accessories

In-Ground Trampoline Accessories

You’ve had your in-ground trampoline for a while now and you’re wondering, “What kind of in-ground trampoline accessories should we get?” We have a suggestion that will be not only useful but functional as well.

A simple organizational unit will keep shoes and other items coralled and is an ideal way to store personal effects when you’re having a workout or jumping on your in-ground trampoline.

In-Ground Trampoline Accessories

What is this “miracle” accessory? Shoe bags! You can purchase shoe bags and if you have a net around your in-ground trampoline the shoe bags can hang from there. If you don’t want to impact the sightlines of your beautifully landscaped yard by having an in-ground trampoline fence, then you can hang the shoe bags off a nearby tree or they can be placed on your outdoor furniture.

Why are trampoline shoe bags an ideal accessory? Here are some ideas we want to share:

  1. They are ideal for storing items (not just shoes!) If you have shoe bags you can put in shoes and you can even store your trampoline socks and shoes. You can put your cell phone there, a bottle of water, towel or other items that you have with you when you’re out of doors.
  2. Look for shoe bags that are all weather and are mesh. If you leave the shoe bags out of doors you don’t want it to become home to rain and moisture as that can lead to hoardes of mosquitoes and mold.
  3. Look for a shoe bag that is compatible with your in-ground trampoline or look for one that will easily hang from a nearby tree, your swimming pool fence, in-ground trampoline net or on a lawn chair. They are light and portable enough that you can bring them in and out with you every time you’re on the trampoline.
  4. It’s easier to have all of your items in one place, especially shoes, when you’re on the in-ground trampoline. Teach your children to put their toys and shoes in the shoe-bags and viola — no lost items (well, maybe not as many lost items — kids will be kids, after all!)
  5. Look for shoe bags that are easy to install and hang and that are washing machine safe. Because the shoe bags will be outside, they are bound to get dirty and dusty and even muddy. Look for shoe bags that make it simple to empty out and toss in the washer. You can hang the shoe bag back outside in the sun to dry and it’s ready to use again.

If you’re looking for accessories for your in-ground trampoline or to make using it easier and with fewer lost shoes or personal items, conta


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