In-Ground Trampolines: Not Just For Jumping

Unique uses for an in ground trampoline

If you are the proud owner of an in-ground trampoline you know it’s fun for rebounding for both fun and exercise. Have you ever wondered what other things you can use your in-ground trampoline for? We have some unique ideas for in-ground trampoline owners.

Using an in-ground trampoline in other, unique ways to use it that you may never have thought of — but we have!

In-Ground Trampolines: Not Just For Jumping

Meditating out of doors is a way to get in touch with nature and to take your meditation practices to a new location. If you have an in-ground trampoline you can settle yourself into the middle of it and meditate in comfort. Let’s face it, sitting on the ground can be uncomfortable and bad on the back, but sitting on an in-ground trampoline takes away any stress on your joints and makes your meditation practice even more relaxing when you’re not shifting around because you’re uncomfortable.

Campolining. What is campolining you may wonder! We’ve heard it’s one of the latest and greatest ways to enjoy your in-ground trampoline. It’s when you camp and sleep on the in-ground trampoline! Hence, campolining!

Sleeping on an in-ground trampoline is a way for children to sleep outside and not have to sleep on the ground. It’s also a way for adults to lie together under the stars and enjoy the quiet beauty of the night sky. If your in-ground trampoline is large enough, you could even sleep outside on it with your children or your significant other.

We’ve heard from some of our in-ground trampoline customers that they are investing in colorful pop up tents they are placing on the in-ground trampoline to cover themselves up at night when they are sleeping. It’s a great way to enjoy the out of doors with a bit of protection from any bugs or other critters!

If your children don’t want to sleep outside at night (or if you don’t want to have to sleep outside at night with them!) consider letting them nap outside in the afternoon. It’s a great way to let them get some fresh air, you can relax and read a book or do yardwork while they’re sleeping and it will just be plain fun!

NOTE: If you’re considering setting a tent on your in-ground trampoline, give us a call or send us an email first so we can help you make certain it will not damage your in-ground trampoline.



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