Benefits of in-ground trampolines

Is an In-Ground Trampoline better than an above ground trampoline?

This is a question we get asked all of the time when we talk with individuals and families who want to get a trampoline.

Benefits of in-ground trampolines

  1. An in-ground trampoline is safer than an above ground because of the height factor — the distance between the ground and the person jumping is reduced and this means it is safer. Can you still receive an injury? Yes, but the potential is lessened with an in-ground trampoline. Remember, any sport brings with it a risk of injury.  Using an in-ground trampoline is safer, too, because there are no exposed pieces of metal or springs. The springs are covered with pads and are designed to protect anyone from landing on the springs and injuring themselves. The in-ground trampolines we sell have an “over the lip” retaining wall and that provides additional inches of protection to those who use it. 
  2. When you have an in-ground trampoline, you don’t have an unsightly above ground structure in your yard that could draw attention away from your beautifully landscaped outdoor area. An in-ground trampoline means you won’t be gazing upon the unappealing metal frame of an above ground trampoline and it’s unsightly netting. 
  3. Whether you’re using your in-ground trampoline for exercise (it’s a great workout in a non-bone-jarring session), cheerleading, gymnastics or other exercise or fun, an in-ground trampoline delivers for everyone in the family. 
  4. The design of our in-ground trampolines allow for airflow in and out of the trampoline pit. The systems we sell have the highest caliber spring counts of any comparable trampoline. The springs of our in-ground trampolines are what give you the “bounce” on your trampoline when you’re using it. 
  5. Our products are American made with pre-galvanized springs that are designed for durability. 

If you’re considering giving your family the gift of a trampoline this summer, look no further than an in-ground trampoline. Give us a call today to find out more information about this unique family fun area. 


Trampoline Myths Debunked

If your children have been asking for their own trampoline, this is the summer you should say, “yes!” A trampoline is a staple of fun in gymnasiums nd backyards across the country, and in-ground trampolines make owning a trampoline even safer. Still not sure whether a trampoline is right for you? Here are a few myths you’ve probably heard about trampolines that we want to debunk for you.  

  1. Trampolines are just for kids. Not true! An in-ground trampoline is a great place for the entire family to have fun and get in shape. A trampoline is a great piece of fitness equipment that can help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and your core and increase your stamina. Also, jumping on a trampoline will not put any stress or strain on your joints like jogging or running would. 
  2. Trampolines are round. While a round trampoline is popular, so too, are rectangle models. The style trampoline you get is based on the area where you want to have it placed in your yard and on personal preference. 
  3. All trampolines are the same. This is so not true, especially as it relates to an in-ground trampoline. If you see trampolines in the yards of friends and neighbors and they are on “stilts” you can tell they are definitely different than the much safer in-ground models. A trampoline, depending on size and style can be priced anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. When you’re investing in an in-ground trampoline you want to make certain you’re getting one that is of high quality and that it is the size and shape that best suits your family. 







If you’re considering an in-ground trampoline this year, check out our in-ground trampoline FAQs before you make any decisions. 


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