Trampolines: Fitness Fun

Fitness and fun rarely seem to go hand-in-hand, but if you own an in-ground trampoline they will! Trampolines: Fitness fun just go together. When you invest in an in-ground trampoline you will find out that you can amp up your exercise routine while having fun with your family and getting fit at the same tim. It’s a win-win!

Rebounding — aka jumping on a tramplline — is a way that you can get in shape, and stay fit, without having to worry about taking to the pavement and injuring yourself. Having a rebounding workout allows you to use gravity to get in shape and it also allows you to get fit without adding any stress to your hips, back or knees. In-ground trampoline exercise is fun and healthy for anyone of any age!

Trampolines: Fitness Fun

 You’ll find that many fitness fanatics are turning to in-ground trampolines to maintain their health and get a healthy mind as well! Jumping on a trampoline works out many of your body’s muscles and gives a workout to your cells and mental energies as well. Rebounding is a way to build stamina, strength and increase your coordination. If you’ve suffered any falls or find yourself unstable, rebounding may help strengthen your core muscles and help you with your stability. Don’t start any rebounding routine until you check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough to do so. 

You may also want to check on various accessories that can be used to help you with your stability while you build up your core muscles. 

Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you have energy to jump on your in-ground trampoline? The mere act of rebounding will give you energy. Rebounding is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises you can start. You don’t have to have a rigid workout routine to follow when on your in-ground trampoline. Get on and jump. It’s that easy. 

 The holidays are the best time of year to invest in an in-ground trampoline — your family will thank you for it! 

Reasons to own a trampoline

The holidays are fast approaching and if your children are writing their holiday wish lists you may be wondering if there are reasons to own a trampoline. If your children have played on one at a friends’ house or if they jump on trampolines at school, you may decide to invest in an in ground trampoline as a way to have an “experience” gift that you and your family can all enjoy together.

Reasons to own a trampoline

  1. Being on an inground trampoline encourages family togetherness and it also gives you and your family a fun way to get out of doors and have a fun activity you can all have together.
  2. Jumping on a trampoline is easy on your bones and joints. Even if you have back or knee or hip issues, you still may enjoy exercise and fun on a trampoline. Ask your doctor before you start jumping on a trampoline to make certain you are healthy enough for that.
  3. An inground trampoline is great for literally all ages. From young children (with adult supervision) to moms, dads, aunt, uncles and grandparents — everyone can jump on an inground trampoline and have fun and build memories.
  4. If you’re looking to lose weight or to maintain your weight, jumping on a trampoline can help you do just that. When you jump on a trampoline for at least twenty minutes a day, you can lose weight and build your leg muscles and even your core — depending on the type of exercise you do while on the inground trampoline.  Jumping on an inground trampoline will also help build lung strength and increase the oxygen that rushes through your system and this can help improve your cardiac health.
  5. Jumping on an inground trampoline — also known as a rebounding exercise — will help balance and posture. As we age we can sometimes lose our balance, but jumping on an inground trampoline can help you with your posture and that can help prevent any trip or fall accidents.

If an inground trampline is on your family’s wish list this holiday season or if a birthday is coming around, now is the right time to start researching your inground trampoline purchase today!




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